About Us

Casper Berry & The Origins

In the early 1990’s Cache Valley Restaurateur Casper Berry established what was to become the area’s iconic restaurant in Logan Canyon: Zanavoo.

Casper had a desire to develop a house salad that was unique and that was as delicious and memorable as all the premium entrees and desserts the restaurant served. The formula for Casper’s original dressing was created and served on tossed greens with toasted almonds, sesame seed and fried wontons.

The result was an overwhelming success, as customers enjoyed the salad so much that they began requesting the salad dressing as a retail item they could purchase and use it in their home cooking.

Casper built a small bottling facility on the Zanavoo premises and began crafting the dressing in small batches and brining it to market in a 16oz unique bottle.  It started to appear on the shelves of local grocerers such as Lee’s Marketplace and Macey’s and soon expanded to Albertsons and Smith’s.

The key to Caspers success is truly in the unique quality ingredients and authentic culinary preparation incomparable to any other commercial dressings, which contain mostly water and ingredients, and are created by chemists in labs, not cooks in kitchens.

Not only did it have great flavor, but customers soon realized it’s concentration of quality ingredients made it last twice as long as other dressings.

Vince Bosnar & Building on an Awesome Formula

In 2012 Silicon Valley chef and caterer Vince Bosnar linked up with Casper Berry as an independent associate to introduce new dressings to the line and build recognition of this awesome brand.

At first taste, Vince could not believe what Casper was bottling: a vinaigrette of such quality and purity it was what classic chefs would only prepare a la cart for fine dining.  More people had to hear about this!

Adhereing to the practices of the past was the route forward. Using the same quality standards as the original, Casper and Vince developed three new formulas and brought the Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette, Black Walnut Basil Vinaigrette and a Caesars Originale hit the market in November 1993. The new dressings share the same quality profile as the original- the best ‘first press’ (extra virgin) primary oils, cold pressed canola & soybean oils, 100 grain and oak barrel aged vinegars, fresh ground spices and natural infused flavors.

The rest of our story is the future- our customers will write that part for us.  We suspect that most customers who try our dressings on salads realize it does not coat the flavor of vegetables, as most commercial dressings do – they enhance them!

Because of the undiluted quality vinegars and oils, customers realize our products naturally make great marinades, sauces and dips.